[Pw_forum] bands.x namelist error

GaoPeng northhawk at live.cn
Tue Dec 16 21:16:55 CET 2014

Hello all,

  I am just trying to run the QE5.11 example files in example01 to calculate the band structure for Silicon.
  The scf run and the band run worked ok with pw.x.
  But the bands.x run always gave me the following error.

   Program BANDS v.5.1.1 starts on 16Dec2014 at 15: 3: 9  
   *** namelist &inputpp no longer valid: please use &bands instead
       Error in routine bands (1):
       reading bands namelist
      stopping ...

  And here is my input file for the bands.x run.

    prefix  = 'si'
    outdir = './temp'
    filband = 'sibands.dat'

 I only changed the outdir parameter and used the namelist &bands. But I kept getting the namelist error as shown above.
One thing I did mess up is that in the beginning I pulled the example01 files from my own laptop which runs QE4.3.
Then I ran bands.x 5.11 on the server using the examples file from QE4.3 which used &inputpp as the namelist and I got the namelist error.
Now I am using the QE5.11 example files in which &bands is used as the namelist. Why am I still getting the same namelist error?
Any idea?
Thank you!


Michigan State University

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