[Pw_forum] Too big atomic spheres error

Sclauzero Gabriele gabriele.sclauzero at mat.ethz.ch
Mon Apr 14 15:41:21 CEST 2014

Dear Dr. Sclauzero

Thanks a lot for your help and suggestion. I studied mentioned examples and changed my input files. I separated electrodes in another file with prefix='au', molecule with prefix='adn' and pwcond.x with prefixl='au', prefixs='adn'

So fast! Please have a look at Alexander's notes too:

and prefixs='au'.

Did you mean prefixr='au'?
Anyway, if you use ikind=1 (identical leads) you just need prefixl and prefixs.

Now you need to check che complex band structure of your lead (with ikind=0 for prefixl='au').
Then compare it to the one of the left part of the scattering cell (which must incorporata an "extension" of the lead leads on both sides) by using prefixt and bdl (again with ikind=0).

Could you tell if I am in right way, please?

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