[Pw_forum] 5.0.99: NEB: build fails

Paolo Giannozzi paolo.giannozzi at uniud.it
Sat Apr 5 11:59:48 CEST 2014

NOTICE TO EVERYBODY: the so-called "5.0.99" version I uploaded 
yesterday is a test version. Please do not download it unless 
you are an expert user.

You are compiling the old version of NEB with the new version of
QE. Remove NEB/ and type "make neb": it should give an error. If
not, you have downloaded the first version of the package where
automatic downloading was still pointing to the old version. 
Overwrite file install/plugins_list with the attached one, 
that disables automatic download, get the new NEB from qe-forge.


On Sat, 2014-04-05 at 10:29 +0200, balducci at univ.trieste.it wrote:
> hello,
> apologies if I am wrong
> Just tried to build 5.0.99 and found that NEB build fails with:
>     make[4]: *** No rule to make target '../../Modules/image_io_routines.o',
>     needed by 'neb.o'.  Stop.
> That module is used in neb.f90 and stop_run_path.f90, but is apparently
> missing from the distribution (or, at least, no
> ./../Modules/image_io_routines.o object is there).
> BTW, if I comment the "USE image_io_routines,..." lines in those 2
> files, build fails with:
>     make: *** No rule to make target
>     '../../Modules/mp_image_global_module.o', needed by 'neb.o'.  Stop.
> Again, I cannot find any mp_image_global_module in the distribution.
> It's like a number of modules have been left out (or they shouldn't be
> included any longer...)
> Hope to be of any use
> Thanks a lot for your valuable work
> ciao
> gabriele
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