[Pw_forum] Ag.pbe-dn-rrkjus_psl.0.1.UPF

fatih.ersan at adu.edu.tr fatih.ersan at adu.edu.tr
Fri Apr 4 12:15:23 CEST 2014

Dear A. Dal Corso:

I want to use Ag atoms for my study, when i'm searching suitable pseudo-potentials(pp), i met Ag.pbe-dn-rrkjus_psl.0.1.UPF which has config='[Kr] 4d9.5 5s1.5 5p0.0'electronic configurations. Is your scope to generate this potential to examine catalytic activities or something like this? Can i use this PP to adsorb on any sheet? Could you help me for me to understand?

Best wishes


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