[Pw_forum] Error trying to recover aborted ph.x run

W2AGZ w2agz at w2agz.com
Thu Oct 3 22:25:34 CEST 2013

To All;


While trying to recover (restart) an aborted ph.x run (actually
electron-phonon, which had been running successfully for a couple of days on
8 parallel processors), upon setting "recover=.true." I get an error message
to the effect,


from pp_check_file : error #         1

     file (home directory)./_ph0/job.save not found ("job" is a pseudonym)


However _ph0/job.phsave does exist (full of .xml files) as does job.save in
the home directory.  Should I try copying job.save to the _ph0 directory?


BTW, I'm running QE 4.3.2.


Thanks, -Paul Grant

W2AGZ Technologies

IBM Research Staff Manager Emeritus

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