[Pw_forum] CECAM tutorial announcement

Davide Ceresoli davide.ceresoli at istm.cnr.it
Sat Jun 8 10:03:32 CEST 2013

Dear all,
     we are pleased to announce that the CECAM/RMN-GBP Tutorial:

Calculation of Solid-State NMR and EPR Parameters Using the GIPAW Method

will take place from October 7th to 11th, 2013 at ETH Zürich.

   The purpose of the tutorial is to introduce the computation of NMR and EPR 
spectra to the participants. After the tutorial they will be able to calculate 
NMR and EPR interaction parameters of their interest. The tutorial consists of 
lectures and hands-on terminal sessions. We shall use the DFT-GIPAW package 
implemented in the Quantum Espresso package (http://www.Quantum-ESPRESSO.org/).

   The tutorial is targeted to both NMR and EPR experimentalists and 
theoreticians wanting to calculate NMR and/or EPR properties, and it contains:
  * Short review of the theoretical background of DFT-GIPAW
  * Basics of experimental NMR and EPR and introduction to the measurement of 
those parameters
  * Use of the Quantum ESPRESSO package and the main steps for performing 
reliable NMR and EPR calculations of chemical shift, electric field gradient 
tensors, g tensor
  * Calculation of other experimental observables

   The number of participants is limited. Deadline for application to the 
tutorial is July 14th. To apply for the tutorial please go to the page
and sign up if you haven’t done it already, login in the Restricted User Area, 
go to the web page of the tutorial and press "Apply". Applications for 
participation, will be confirmed shortly after the closing deadline. There is no 
participation cost, the accomodation for the participants will be covered for 
five nights, and a small per diem is awarded to cover some of the local costs. 
The tutorial will begin on Monday afternoon after lunch and finishes on Friday 

  - Ari Paavo Seitsonen (University of Zurich)
  - Davide Ceresoli (CNR-ISTM, Milano)
  - Florent Boucher (CNRS, Nantes)
  - Jonathan Yates (Oxford University)
  - Uwe Gerstmann (University of Paderborn)
  - Thibault Charpentier (CEA Iramis, Saclay)

Financial support:
      * CECAM, http://www.cecam.org/
      * RMN-GBP, http://rmngbp.cnrs-orleans.fr/

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