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It is not well clear whether your second run (parallel dimer) is correct.
In order to check the validity of the second run, check the spilling
parameters, whether they are small enough or not (I would say these
parameters should be less than 0.01)
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On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 7:16 AM, Yusuf Zuntu <yzunt at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear All,
> Please help reconcile this. I run PDOS calculations with 4d (Pd) dimers arranged on the surface
> of graphene.
> a. The Löwdin  charges for perpendicular dimer on Hexagonal site:
> top atom
> total charge=10.0581, d=9.3310
> lower atom
> total charge=9.7631,  d=9.2231
> b. The Löwdin charges for parallel dimer on Hexagonal site:
> top atom
> total charge=0.0613, d=0.0568
> lower atom
> total charge=0.0623, d=0.0571
> The valence is *4d95s1*  in the pseudopotential (pbe.rrkjus). My question here is that,
> why is it that the representation lowdin charges is different in the two configurations? or does
> the parallel configuration directly represent the charge transfer.
> Thank you in anticipation of your kind response.
> Yusuf Zuntu
> Postgraduate student
> University Putra Malaysia
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