[Pw_forum] How to change the electronic field direction

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Dear Cao.

You can choose field direction by change the value of edir, see as below:
edir = 1--->x direction
edir=2-->y direction and edir = 3-->z direction


The direction of the electric field or dipole correction is
parallel to the bg(:,edir) reciprocal lattice vector, so the
potential is constant in planes defined by FFT grid points;
edir = 1, 2 or 3. Used only if tefield is .TRUE.

On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 5:49 PM, Cao TF <tfcao at theory.issp.ac.cn> wrote:

>  Dear PW users,
>   I konw that with "tefied = .true. " we can apply an saw-like electronic
> potential to the system, with the direction and the shape are determined by
> edir, emaxpos, eopreg and eamp.  but I still do not know how to change the
> direction of the electronic field? For example, in the bilayer-graphene
> system,  with the vacuum in the Z direction and the bilayer-graphene in the
> position around 0.5, we can use "edir = 3", "emaxpos = 0.9", and "eopreg =
> 0.1 " to add an electronic field in the positive Z direction with amplitude
> determnined by the "eamp". So how to change such field direction, that is
> to add an electronic in the negative Z direction. I have confused with such
> question for a long time. So you suggestions are greated appreciated.
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