[Pw_forum] Density of states

Sohail Ahmad sohailphysics at yahoo.co.in
Sun Sep 16 17:15:39 CEST 2012

Dear QE Users

I am trying to find DOS for MoS  using version 5.0.1 

I have already done this using version 4.2.1 around one month back

The only difference i noticed that i have to use &dos instead of &inputpp and rest others i believe it should be same

Can anyone help me in this regard ?? 

Input file is attached

    outdir = './OUT'
    prefix  = 'MoS'
    Emin = -7.00, Emax = 13.00
    DeltaE = 0.001,
    fildos = 'MoS.dos.dat'


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