[Pw_forum] two conventions in postprocessing pp.x

Cristian Degli Esposti Boschi degliesposti at bo.imm.cnr.it
Fri Oct 26 11:52:37 CEST 2012

Dear developers,

in order to perform some quantitative calculations we would need to 
know precisely
the conventions used in the postprocessing output of pp.x regarding the 
following points:

plot_num = 1: is this the potential or the potential energy, that is, 
in atomic units is there a multiplicative factor e=sqrt(2) (electric 
charge) or not?

iflag = 0: does the sperichal average include a normalization factor 
1/(4 pi)
or not?

Alternatively, we may check the appropriate code: which one?
Thanks a lot for your time.
Cristian Degli Esposti Boschi
CNR-IMM, Sezione di Bologna,
via Gobetti, 101, 40129, Bologna, Italia
tel. ++39 051 6399152, fax ++39 051 6399216
email: degliesposti -AT- bo.imm.cnr.it
web:   www.bo.imm.cnr.it/site/staff/personal_pages/degliesposti/

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