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pari shok parishok at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 22:39:52 CEST 2012

Dear All,
I am trying to find the planar charge density. I use "average.x" to get it.
I use the parallel machine with 8 processors.
However, when I run the average.x, the following sentences are the only
things that I get in the output, and it seems that the machine gets stuck
in a loop for ever!

     Parallel version (MPI), running on     8 processors
     R & G space division:  proc/pool =    8
     Reading header from file  123.dat

   Info: using nr1, nr2, nr3 values from input

   Info: using nr1s, nr2s, nr3s values from input.

I was wondering whether anybody have faced a similar problem.
I appreciate your help.
P. Shok
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