[Pw_forum] Test wdw1 failed

Alexandr Rzhechitskii a.rzhechitskii at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 11:06:14 CEST 2012

Test wdw1 after compilation aborting:
./check-pw.x.j vdw1.in
Checking vdw1...STOP 2
FAILED with error condition!
Input: vdw1.in, Output: vdw1.out, Reference: vdw1.ref

Last string in wdw1.out:
Serial version

     Current dimensions of program PWSCF are:
     Max number of different atomic species (ntypx) = 10
     Max number of k-points (npk) =  40000
     Max angular momentum in pseudopotentials (lmaxx) =  3
     Reading input from /home/tormoz/maindir/tmp/

     IMPORTANT: XC functional enforced from input :
     Exchange-correlation      = VDW-DF ( 1 4 4 0 1)
     EXX-fraction              =        0.00
     Any further DFT definition will be discarded
     Please, verify this is what you really want

     Error in routine read_kernel_table (1):
     No \"vdW_kernel_table\" file could be found

     stopping ..

Me system is Debian wheezy amd64.
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