[Pw_forum] Pseudopotentials for Pseudo-Hydrogens

Vic Bermudez victor.bermudez at nrl.navy.mil
Tue May 22 11:38:05 CEST 2012


	I'm setting up a slab calculation for the GaSb (100) surface using PW91
USPP's for Ga and Sb. I want to passivate the "bottom" (Ga-terminated)
surface with pseudo-hydrogens, which will require two Z=5/4 pseudo-H's per
Ga. However, the QE website gives only PZ pseudopotentials for pseudo-H's.
	Here's my question. I know that it's problematic to mix different kinds of
PP's in the same calculation, and, of course, pw.scf gives a fatal error
when I try. Will I get into trouble if I override this by using
input_dft='pw91', so that I can use the PZ PP's for the pseudo-H's ?  I'm
interested mainly in adsorption energies, which are the differences in
energies between bare and adsorbate-covered slabs. Will any errors incurred
by mixing PP's cancel in the difference.
	As always, thanks for your help and advice.

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