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A final question about that! Is there a way to check the frequencies of the Irreducible representations once each one is done or one has just to wait for the whole vibrational modes calculations to finish; The reason i am asking this is that since one might get negativefrequencies , I was wondering if I can check that before the whole calculation terminates (which takes 25 days) so I then can see what the problem is and lower the threshold if it is what is going wrong. Are those frequencies written to a file other than the output one?

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(1) Are all the modes vibrational?
No, at Gamma you always have 3 translational modes of zero energy 

(2) Are any modes missing from the calculation like optical or accoustical modes? No 

(3) i did the calculation and got two of the modes negative which means either threshold is high or the ecutwav must be at least eight times ecutrho. Is a threshold of 10^(-15) still too high for such a system?

This is FAQ2 for phonon calculations: http://www.quantum-espresso.org/?page_id=366#7.2


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