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Dear Davide,

Thanks for your reply. So, the technique is depended on the choosing the range of the density, and we should try different values to get the rquired information.

By the way, for the isofurface, it means that only when the density is lower than the isofurface value, the contour line will be plotted. Is it correct?




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Dear Jiayu Dai,
I haven't included any example of RDG but I successfully
reproduced all pictures of the JCTC. It works like plot_num=0
(charge density) and you can produce an XSF file. Then open it
with XCrysden and set the isovalue as suggested in the JCTC
paper and in the documentation. You should see a 'lenticular
shape surface' for each non-bonded interaction.


On 05/17/2012 09:23 AM, jiayudai wrote:
> Dear users,
> It's so pleased that the new version of QE code is released, and thanks a lot.
> In the new version, i found that the "Reduced density gradient" (J. Chem. Theory
> Comput. 7, 625 (2011)) can be postprocessed using plot_num=9. So, is there any
> example on this new implemention?
> Thanks a lot.
> Jiayu Dai
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