Carlo Nervi carlo.nervi at unito.it
Tue Feb 28 11:33:14 CET 2012

Dear Onyeaju,
first of all I think you better have a look on the installation manual 
of Quantum Espresso (if you need help on Abinit, better ask to another 
community..) and perhaps after some trial-and-errors report a more 
detailed and specific question.
For example machine on which you are going to install, OS, fortran 
compiler, mpi version, problems and oputput error after attempt in 
configuration, etc...
I guess nobody can help you starting from scratch...

I have another suggestion (sorry, I can't refrain myself, it's quite 
hilarious and I hope you accept the joke): look on google translator for 
the word "closter"... than we can ask the help of monks.. :-)


Il 28/02/2012 11.15, michael onyeaju ha scritto:
> Dear QE users,
> I have been having troubles in trying to configure Espresso and Abinit
> in HPC closters, can any one assist me
> Onyeaju, M.C
> Department of Physics,
> Faculty of Science,
> University of Port Harcourt
> Phone:+2348068118468
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