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Dear Pandey,
A good place to start is for example a unitcell of 8 atom with ibrav=1.
Si  0.000  0.000  0.000
Si  0.500  0.500  0.000
Si  0.500  0.000  0.500
Si  0.000  0.500  0.500
Si  0.250  0.250  0.250
Si  0.750  0.750  0.250
Si  0.750  0.250  0.750
Si  0.250  0.750  0.750

The you can either use pen and paper to expand it to 2x2x2 supercell or if
you dont want to do that, you can just used other softwares like VESTA or
GDIS to make your self. I have never come acorss the same errors as you
have when doing calculations on the Si.  To use GDIS you need to save the
sttructure in Fractional coordinates.

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