[Pw_forum] Corrupting "input_tmp.in" when starting jobs at once

Silvia Bahmann Silvia.Bahmann at physik.tu-freiberg.de
Mon Feb 6 12:04:25 CET 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm starting many pw.x calculations with the inputfiles located in the same 
directory using a script.

Since the original inputfile is converted to "input_tmp.in", I encounter the 
problem, that the resulting input is corrupted. This is happening, because 
several jobs want to write "input_tmp.in" simultaneously.

Is there any way to suppress the "loop way" of writing "input_tmp.in" and read 
directly from the given inputfile?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards, Silvia

Silvia Bahmann
Institute for Theoretical Physics
TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

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