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Dear Prof.Giannozzi
Does it mean that I don't need to restart the job because it is happening
in the last step?
Even when I submit a job with last atom coordinates and lattice vectors I
obtained from previous runs but in the "from_scratch" mode the same error
is produced "No plane wave....".Do I need to increase the cutoff energy?
Thank you.
Best regards,Payam Norouzzadeh

On Sun, Feb 5, 2012 at 1:49 PM, Paolo Giannozzi <giannozz at democritos.it>wrote:

> On Feb 4, 2012, at 22:55 , Payam Norouzzadeh wrote:
>  I have attached the last lines of output
> if you are running in parallel, there is no guarantee that
> the last lines of output are really the last lines of output.
> The number of plane waves per processor is kept constant
> during a variable-cell optimization, except for the last step
> when the number of plane waves is recalculated. The number
> of plane waves per processor is printed at the beginning, in
> the section
>     G-vector sticks info
>     --------------------
>     sticks:   dense  smooth     PW     G-vecs:    dense   smooth      PW
> P.
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