[Pw_forum] problem to convert Cv (R) to Cv(in J/mol.K)

bramha pandey pandey.bramha at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 17:24:52 CET 2012

Hi..Dear  QE users

I have a problem to calculate the Cv value in J/mol.K from Cv(R gas
constant). At 300K, the value of Cv is  0.0000002506 . I multiplied
0.0000002506  by 3NR(3*2*8.314) which comes 1.25*10^-5 which was very less
compare to experimental Cv value.

Please someone help me.
Thanks in advanced for your kind help.
Thanks and Regards
Bramha Prasad Pandey
Assistant Professor (Electronics and Communication Engg)
GLA Group of Institutions, Mathura.
Ph. No. 08954143009
email id pandey.bramha at gmail.com
            bpglaitm at yahoo.co.in
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