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Éric Germaneau germaneau at gucas.ac.cn
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Hey Amin,

it seems to ma that when you set ibrav you have to set celldm variables 
as well.
In you case, try to not use A,B,C, ... but rather to set celldm(1) to 
the value of A (in Bohr!!), celldm(2) and celldm(3) to b/a and c/a 
Hope it helps,


On 11/28/2011 12:12 AM, Amin Torabi wrote:
> Dear QE users,
> I have some problem in introducing a base-centered orthorhombic 
> structure (ibrav=9) to QE.
> I have entered the cell parameters in A, B, C, cosAB, cosBC, cosAC, 
> and atomic positions in fractional coordinate (crystal) in my input 
> file; however, Xcrysden does not show me what I expected to see. for 
> example, not all the angles are 90 degrees.
> Lets say I have a crystal with space group Cmcm (#63) and a=2.406, 
> b=4.615, c=2.749 (A), and one atom at (0, 0.0703, 0.25)
> Now, what do you put for A,B,C and the atomic positions?
> Thanks for your time!
> P.S: The numbers are taken from the table 2 of the supplemental 
> material of: Phys. Rev. B 84, 104118 (2011)
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