[Pw_forum] What kind of calculation needs wavefunction files created by pw.x ?

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    I think you have already almost replied to your question...

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> Hello everyone,
>          From what I haved learned, pw.x generates wavefunction files under temporary directory, and can be collected to output directory by options wf_collect = .true. . It can be controlled by disk_io option to decrease the I/O. However I don’t really know whether should I keep this files to do later calculation like DOS and bands or not.

Will you probably need to perform these calculations (only you can reply)? If yes, then keep the files.

> What kind of calculation needs wavefunction files created by pw.x ?

Actually, wavefunctions are not needed for DOS calculations, but they are for projected-DOS ones. For calculations with bands.x, you will need wavefunctions only in conjunction with the lsym=.TRUE. option.
Other standard calculations that require wavefunctions are, for instance, LDOS (and STM images), Wannier function analysis and maybe others. Also, sometimes you may want to use the final charge and wavefunctions as a starting guess for a successive calculation with pw.x.



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