[Pw_forum] Query on Xcrysden

Ajit Vallabhaneni avallabh at purdue.edu
Mon Nov 7 14:30:51 CET 2011

Dear users,
            I am a new user of QE. I installed QE 4.3.1 and trying to repeat the simulations shown in the tutorials (http://www.fisica.uniud.it/~giannozz/QE-Tutorial/). Also i had some compatibility issues with my Linux environment and i cannot install the latest version of xcrysden for visualisation. I can only use the older version (V1.4). I want to know whether this older version is totally compatible with the QE version or not. Because i am not able to see the output files of the PWSCF calculations. Like for the file si.scf.in i am able to see the initial structure but not the output file si.scf.out.

 ERROR: while executing exec sh
 ERROR INFO: Child process exited abnormally


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