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Lorenzo Paulatto lorenzo.paulatto at impmc.upmc.fr
Mon May 2 08:38:49 CEST 2011

In data 02 maggio 2011 alle ore 08:20:17, B. Koa <barfi.koa at gmail.com> ha  
>   CALL sym_rho ( nspin_mag, rho%of_g(1,1) )
> [...]
>      IF (.NOT. gamma_only) CALL sym_rho( nspin, rho%kin_g(1,1) )
> Formerly, I could make QE4.2 binaries using older compilers in UBUNTU  
> 10.4 but now I can not do it again. I appreciate your suggestions in  
> advance.

Dear Koa,
this is caused by the last version of gfortran non accepting any more a  
certain syntax. I quote here the solution proposed by Riccardo Di Meo on  
the developers mailing list:

<<I have solved the problem on my own by replacing rho%of_g(1,1) and  
rho%kin_g(1,1) with rho%of_g and rho%kin_g, respectively.>>

So, just change that file accordingly and everything should compile.

best regards

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