[Pw_forum] NEB error

Layla Martin-Samos lmartinsamos at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 09:00:54 CEST 2011

Dear Jin, It could be indeed a problem with the parallel run as we have
assume that all proc are able to read arguments as ./neb.x -inp ... . Can
you specify the kind of computer where you are trying to run and the
operating system?

thank you very much


2011/6/10 Jin Qu <qujin1797 at gmail.com>

> I have been troubled by this problem these days too. I am afraid this may
> have something to do with the parallel running system.I am able to run
> example17 on only 1 processor.When I try to set this job on more nodes or
> processors a CRASH happened as Mr/Ms Chenghua Sun said.It infers me that
> "from string_methods : error #         1
>  Nor file to parse nor input images found"
> This problem happens when I am using QE4.3 and QE4.3.1 while QE4.2 could
> run NEB calculations on parallel servers normally.
> I hope someone could help me with this problem.
> Many thanks
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