[Pw_forum] Jmol and J-ICE can deal with quantumEspresso

vega lew quantumdft at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 04:16:46 CET 2011

Dear Pieremanuele Canepa,

Thank you for developing such a convenient tool for us.

The second one, J-ICE, could read and display thegeometry from SCF job 
and  geometry optimization tasks of Quantum-Espresso very well.

But there is something wrong with the first one, Jmol. It only could 
directly read .xyz files not the .out files as J-ICE do.

I still wonder whether you have a plan to make your tools read geometry 
from output files of NEB calculation.

thank you again for your wonderful and convenient program.



On 02/21/11 21:37, pieremanuele canepa wrote:
> Dear QuantumEspresso users,
> I am glad to announce you that Jmol(http://jmol.sourceforge.net/) as 
> well my personal Jmol (interface: J-ICE (http://j-ice.sourceforge.net/)
> can read quantumESPRESSO outputs.
> Now we can read simple geometry from SCF job and  geometry 
> optimization tasks.   The phonon part is still work in progress.
> As a Jmol developer (and quanumEspresso users) I kindly ask you to 
> provide me more phonon tests you might have
> (not those available in the example folder).
> Bests, Piero
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