[Pw_forum] RE : subtile error for non collinear calculations with aGGA pseudo

BARRETEAU Cyrille cyrille.barreteau at cea.fr
Mon Feb 21 21:07:36 CET 2011

In fact I have compared collinear and non collinear calculation for a "collinear situation" (bcc Cr AF): both calculations perfectly agree (up to numerical precision) for a LDA pseudo but not for a GGA pseudo. This is probaly due to the error mentionned previously (corrected in the CVS version). Therefore following Andrea's suggestion I will try the last cvs version to check that  gga pseudo work also..
good evening
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On Feb 21, 2011, at 13:59 , Cyrille Barreteau wrote:

> Moreover I have tried to do a calculation of a collinear
> configuration with or without the 'noncolin' option. In
> principle both should lead to almost the same solution.

in practise, they don't. It is a known problem (Andrea
explained it to me some time ago), not related to bad
coding but to a more fundamental and subtle problem
of how to define the quantization axis

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