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Dear xirainbow
Thanks for your comment. Each semiconductor have a fermi energy level.
The exact value of fermi energy (relative to vaccum level) depicts that the
contact of this semiconductor with Au(for example) is *Schottky* or ohmic.
Or for example when this semiconductor is in contact with a Red/Ox
electrolyte ,what is the length of double layer ?
This is duo to when a metal and a semiconductor are in contact, in
equilibrium the fermi energy of two systems should be identical(Fermi
energy  (with good approximation) is equal to chemical potential. Chemical
potential is energy of adding 1 electron to the system.In equilibrium there
is no electronic current between two parts. )
But when you work with two samples in contact to each other you need to know
the value of fermi energy relative to vaccum.
Best wishes
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