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Dear *Meysam Pazoki*:
Fermi energy indicate that:Below it, all the states is occupied by
electrons, whereas no electron is above it.
In my view, Fermi energy can below or above zero. And, in pseudopotential
method, the absolute value of fermi energy has no physical meaning.
If i am wrong, please point it out :)

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 6:08 PM, meysam pazoki
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> Dear PWSCF users
> I have a problem with calculation of exact fermi level for my system.
> My system is 64 atom ZnO supercell and espresso gives a positive fermi
> energy for this system.
> As i know this is not exact fermi level,how can i calculate the exact fermi
> energy?
> Thanks in advance
> Meysam Pazoki
> Ph.D student of physics
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Hui Wang
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