[Pw_forum] compilation error

Lorenzo Paulatto Lorenzo.Paulatto at impmc.upmc.fr
Thu Feb 17 19:08:04 CET 2011

On Fri, 18 Feb 2011 03:20:38 +0100, Eric Germaneau <germaneau at gucas.ac.cn>  
> I always do a "make clean" before a make. So, I tried to compiled in a
> fresh gunziped/untared  directory and it compiled with "make all".
> But I noticed it does not seems to work with make -j4 all for instance.
> Best,

Indeed, "make -jN" does not work, because the source sub-directories are  
inter-dependents. I Axel Kohlmeyer (if i remember correctly) suggested  
once to do "make MFLAGS=-j4" which does work work.  Personally, I prefer  
to go take cup of coffee while it compiles.


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