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Wilfredo Ibarra Hernández wibarrah at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 17:29:53 CET 2011

Dear all.

In the past I was asked if someone worked with the calculation of specific
heat. I'm working with QHA, but I have a question.

The temperature for this calculation, It's necessary be integer? because I
modify the Edit_me file, but when I put delta_T with values like 0.1 the
calculation not write anything in the "system.QHA.out" and I need this
values because I want make a graphic "Cv/T^3 Vs. T". And the important
values are near to zero.

Thanks for you help.

Ibarra Hernández Wilfredo
Master student in materials science
Cinvestav unidad Quéretaro
Quéretaro, Mèxico.
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