[Pw_forum] Error in runing example

Padmaja Patnaik padmaja_patnaik at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 4 06:28:59 CET 2011

I am using QE 4.2.1. while running example02 I obtained the following error message.

running the scf calculation for Si... done
  running the phonon calculation at Gamma for Si..../run_example: line 138: 17980 Segmentation fault      $PH_COMMAND < si.phG.in > si.phG.out
  running the phonon calculation at X for Si..../run_example: line 154: 17983 Segmentation fault      $PH_COMMAND < si.phX.in > si.phX.out
Error condition encountered during test: exit status = 139

while the same example runs successfully in a previous version on the same machine.
Please advise. 
Thanking in advance
Padmaja Patnaik

Research Scholar

Dept of Physics

IIT Bombay

Mumbai, India

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