[Pw_forum] usage of recover=.true.

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Il giorno 22/ago/2011, alle ore 16.27, Elie Moujaes ha scritto:

> Thank you.I hope it works as I definitely do not want to lose the 105 modes..It took 7 days to do that.  But how to re execute the ph.x command..I tried doing the usual:
> /.../...../ph.x <GB60.phG.in >GB60.phG.out but it exited.

Could you be more specific?
Have you tried to read the output to understand why it did not complete the calculation?



> Is there another way to restart the command?
> Thanks again
> Elie
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> If you specify the right outdir path and prefix name, then the restarted one will definitely begin from 106th mode, since 105 modes have been finished.
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> GAO Zhe
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> At 2011-08-22 22:06:49,"Elie Moujaes" <elie.moujaes at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am doing phonon calculations for a large system at the Gamma point (I have 180 irreducible representations (modes) to work out). The server was shut for a day. I have used in my input file recover=.true.  I have reached representation 106 before the server broke down. Does it mean that If I executed the command ph.x again, the calculations will start from where it was interrupted?if not, what can i do to not lose what has been done?
> Thanks
> Elie Moujaes
> University of Nottingham
> NG7 2RD
> UK 
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