[Pw_forum] Error in example22

Padmaja Patnaik padmaja_patnaik at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 4 13:24:29 CEST 2011

Hi All

Example22 deals with fully relativistic pseudopotential. When I ran the example its running without error. But then I tried to calculate the density of states for Pt with fully relativistic pseudopotential and its giving the following error.

running DOS calculation for Pt...Aborted
Error condition encountered during test: exit status = 134

I tried to generate full relativistic pseudopotential for Si, C and Cr and for all the cases the scf calculations are running but it gives the same (above) error in DOS calculation (which I communicated in the my last mail to this forum). But thinking that I might have done something wrong I tried with the given relativistic pseudopotential case for Pt in the code. But that also gives the same error. Can anybody please help me finding out my probable mistake? Thanking in advance,

Padmaja Patnaik

Research Scholar

Dept of Physics

IIT Bombay

Mumbai, India
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