[Pw_forum] Oxygen molecule binding energy

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Dear Tram Bui,

Please do not duplicate your message and choose correct Subject name. What you 
request and the subject are absolutely different. 

Prof. Eyvaz Isaev, 
Department of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (IFM), Linkoping University, 

Theoretical Physics Department, Moscow State Institute of Steel & Alloys, 

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Dear All,
    Hope everyone is having a great Holiday. would you please help me out with 
this, I'm looking for the "ev.f" that help to calculate the bulk modulus of a 
material. But I couldn't find it any where, please let me know where and how I 
can find that and use it to calculate for the bulk modulus, B.
Thank you so much,
Tram Bui

Tram Bui

B.S. Materials Science & Engineering
trambui at u.boisestate.edu

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