[Pw_forum] GIPAW and updates?

Emine Kucukbenli kucukben at sissa.it
Wed Dec 8 13:40:11 CET 2010

Dear Gregor,
The module is ready for production runs (there is still a lot of room  
for improvement though) but I believe it will be ready for release  
once we collate and organize a manual and perhaps a tutorial.

It works well with PAW and US pseudopotentials..and involves an easy  
way around for generating GIPAW suitable pseudos from existing PAW  
ones, so you can keep on using your favorite PAW pseudos :)

As far as I know there is also a pseudo dataset generation study going  
on, from which GIPAW users can benefit greatly.

Hope to get back to you with release notes soon.
Thanks for your interest,

emine kucukbenli, phd student, sissa, italy.

Quoting Gregor Mali <gregor.mali at ki.si>:

> Dear QE/GIPAW developers,
> during the CECAM Tutorial 'Computational spectroscopy using Quantum
> Espresso and related codes' in July 2010 in Trieste it was mentioned
> that the GIPAW module of QE will be updated/rewritten. I wonder if a new
> version of this modul is perhaps already available?

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