[Pw_forum] openmp in 4.2.1

Timothy Cale tscale at asu.edu
Sun Dec 5 18:44:25 CET 2010

I am trying to use openmp with espresso-4.2.1 with 64-bit ubuntu 10.04 (gcc
et al. 4.4.3), running on an 8 core single processor (i7 930).

4.2.1 runs the test and examples when compiled without modifying
After configuring with --enable-openmp, make crashes in pw.x, with a large
number of "undefined reference to", e.g.;
among many others.

It looks like there are issues with several functions in libpw.a,
../Modules/libqemod.a, and ../flib/flib.a.

I am new to openmp, but I think I have installed the required libraries
(even 32 bit), and used LIBDIRS with configure.
I successfully ran openmp demos using simple programs.

Any suggestions as to where I might be going astray will be appreciated.


Dr. Timothy S. Cale
Center for Solid State Science
Arizona State University
tscale at asu.edu
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