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w2agz w2agz at pacbell.net
Sun Aug 29 23:48:45 CEST 2010

To All QE Gurus:

A few days ago, I downloaded de-tared, configured and made espresso-4.2.1, both on my trusty old linux box, and new Win 7 one running VirtualBox.  On the former I use an old Kubuntu 7-something and the latter the most recent release, 10-something.  Both use bash shell scripting.  I started running the examples, and everything was going swimmingly until I got to my favorite, Example07, and on both boxes got the same error on the "lambda.x" step (I inserted the relevant .f90 code) below:
running matdyn for a2F(omega) calculation...  done
  running lambda.x for lambda calculation...At line 98 of file lambda.f90
Fortran runtime error: Constant string in input format
(5x,'Gaussian Broadening: ',f7.3,' Ry, ngauss=',i4)
Error condition encountered during test: exit status = 2

(Fortran code)
 read (iuelph,9000) degauss1, ngauss1
9000 format(5x,'Gaussian Broadening: ',f7.3,' Ry, ngauss=',i4)

$ECHO "  running lambda.x for lambda calculation...\c"
$LAMBDA_COMMAND < lambda.in > lambda.out
check_failure $?         
I thought it might be a "check_failure" thing (I've had trouble with that before), so I commented out all references to the exec...but it still occurred.   Maybe a bash issue?

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