[Pw_forum] Raman cross section calculation- From basic

loc duong ding mambom1902 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 24 16:07:50 CEST 2010

Dear all,

I have tried to calculate the raman spectrum of graphene nanoribbon by QE. Even 
I can practically use the code to get the results, I can not understand the 
principle of calculation. From my calculation result, the intensity of radical 
mode (RBM mode) is negligible while some papers showed this mode was strong.   

Can you give me some instructions to understand how the code running ( 
calculation steps)?  It is perfect to give me the detail steps that I should 
follow to understand the code. If possible, can you give some good books and 
references that related basic as well as the calculation steps of the code?     

I appreciate to all you instructions. 

Loc Duong Dinh
Ms-Ph.D Student
Sungkyunkwan Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology,
Sungkyunkwan University,
Suwon, 440-746, Korea 
Email: mambom1902 at yahoo.com, ddloc at skku.edu


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