[Pw_forum] Additional informations about XSpectra - Peaks at negative energies?

Cristian Degli Esposti Boschi cristian.degliesposti at unibo.it
Thu Aug 19 16:45:45 CEST 2010

Thanks to Matteo Calandra for his answers. Regarding the Fermi level,
I have now an additional question based on an example we are dealing 
with. With a preliminar run of XSpectra I see a Fermi energy of
-0.259, so I use this value for ef_r in following calculations.
If I include negative energies (say -30 eV, with respect to this one)
in the input file then in the resulting spectrum I see a *sharp*
peak at about -5 eV.

Now, if levels at negative energy should be all occupied, how can
it result such an evident absorption peak?
Is it related to the "cut_occ_states" option?
By default it is .false. What does this mean exactly?

Thanks again for your help. Cristian

   > (1) is the energy range (xemin,xemax) referred to the Fermi energy
>  > of the preliminar scf calculation?
> No, it is referred to the Fermi level given in input  in the xspectra
> file (input variable ef_r in the input_xspectra namelist. This means
> that if you do not specify the Fermi level then ef_r=0.0 and
> they are referred to the energy zero of the preliminary scf run.
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