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Gabriele Sclauzero sclauzer at sissa.it
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Pardon me, but your question is rather bizarre. PWscf is written mostly in standard Fortran90 (plus some parts in C and F77 for library functions in clib and flib), so if you know this language you should not find very difficult to read the code. In theory, programming F90 for either Linux or Windows or whatever OS should make no difference, since it is the compiler which takes care of translating your program into a language which can be understood by your hardware/software combination (in practice there may be some small things to fix, but you don't need to care about that at this stage).

Regarding the learning of F90 language, well I guess you can start with some tutorial that you can find on the web (just search for "Fortran 90 tutorial" or something similar) or borrow any F90 programming textbook from the library.



Il giorno 11/ago/2010, alle ore 10.23, Wei Zhou ha scritto:

> Hello everyone.
>             In face I have learned how to write fortran program, and also have writen small program, but when I try to read the program of pwscf, I feel puzzled,  is there some book about the write fortran in linux. I just want to learn write fortran in linux normally.
> any suggestion will be appreciated.
> -- 
> ZhouDawei
> JiLin Universiyt ,ChangChun ,China
> zdw2000 at gmail.com
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