[Pw_forum] Operating System for Intel Core i7 processor.

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  I think whether i7 could speed up you task is depend on the demand of 
bandwidth of the task, because the bandwidth is enhanced in the i7 CPUs 
and related mother board chips. If your task require  extremely large 
bandwidth of  RAM, which is beyond your old hardware platform could 
give, your task could be speed up by i7 CPUs in this case. If you task 
only have a small demand of bandwidth of RAM, and there is no obvious 
communication jam between CPUs and RAM in your old hardware, you task 
might more depends on the frequency of CPUs.

By the way how did you connect your 8 CPUs? by ether net or infiniband? 
The network might be another cause of the inefficient speed up. And I 
think i7 is a CUP for PC. For servers which performing large 
calculations you should choose XEON 5600 series or AMD 6100.

hope helps.


On 2010-08-05 00:22, nand wrote:
> Dear PW Users,
> To speed up my DFT calculations and for larger requirement of RAM i am 
> using a system with an Intel core i7 processor and CentOS-5.3 as my 
> operating system (OS). I would like to know if these two go well hand 
> in hand or there is some other OS that can make better use of Intel 
> core i7 processor. The isntallation of Quantum Espresso 4.2.1 was done 
> sucessfully and is running well. However  I find its not as fast as i 
> could have expected. Does this have to do something with the 
> installation process. Is there something to do with optimising the 8 
> CPUs that is seen listed in my hardware list.
> Thanks a Million
> Nand Rana
> Research scholar,
> Ranchi University.
> India
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