[Pw_forum] error in running the relaxation code

Huiqun Zhou hqzhou at nju.edu.cn
Tue Aug 3 09:09:34 CEST 2010

You have something wrong in your script. Check it yourself as you
didn't give any detail of it. I think that most probably the LSF system 
failed to find your input file. If you check your output file more carefully,
you should find information about the reason why it exited. You can try 
to change the line
mpirun -srun pw.x -input 01_Ni3Al.in
mpirun -srun pw.x -input ./01_Ni3Al.in

dr. huiqun zhou
@earth sciences, nanjing university, china
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  Subject: [Pw_forum] error in running the relaxation code

  I am running a code on Nickel for relaxation. the code is running fine on core 2 duo (my desktop) but when i am trying to run the code on to a cluster it is showing an error 

  Your job looked like:
  # LSBATCH: User inputYour job looked like:
  # LSBATCH: User input
  mpirun -srun pw.x -input 01_Ni3Al.in
  Exited with exit code 1.
  Resource usage summary:
      CPU time   :      0.16 sec.

  can anybody help me what is this exit code 1.

  with regards


  research student


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