[Pw_forum] How to run jobs in PWScf?

Ngoc Linh Nguyen nnlinh at sissa.it
Wed Apr 21 09:55:06 CEST 2010

> Dear Friends,
> I have compiled the esspresso-4.0.5 in linux cluster. I have run some 
> examples using command ./run_example. All the jobs finished 
> successfuly. Can any one help me how to run my own jobs in PWScf.

> I mean how to create the input file
To create an input file, you should see in the examples to refer and see in
to understand the parameters in input file.
> and how to run it in PWScf. Thanks a lot.
to run PWScf, you see in user guider: 
and it just need you have some background about Unix environment.
Also, see in the run_example script  in the examples to learn more.

Good luck,


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