[Pw_forum] magnesium diboride

Gabriele Sclauzero sclauzer at sissa.it
Fri Apr 16 12:04:36 CEST 2010

If none of the equations of state implemented in ev.x is suitable for your system, you may 
find out which one should be used and implement it in the code and, after testing, 
contribute it to the QE project.

Such a contribution from you would be very welcome!


P.S. Please always remember to take a few second to sign your posts and put your 
affiliation, thanks.

Nicholas Muthaka wrote:
> hi.am working on properties of magnesium diboride and wish to run the 
> equation of state but have problems on how to insert the c lattice 
> constant in the script since the one i have come across seems to be the 
> one for cubics systems. please help.
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