[Pw_forum] Symmetry problem in Ge and phonon calculation problem in InP

Ashutosh Kumar kumar.198 at buckeyemail.osu.edu
Mon Apr 12 17:42:47 CEST 2010

Dear Sir

Thank you for your reply. I did dynamic matrix calculation and e-p coefficient calculation separately and it worked. Since epsil=.true. and elph=.true. are not compatible(it kept on saying that Electron-phonon only for metals if i used both), so I did separate calculations for electron phonon coefficients and dynamic matrix separately. I was wondering if the dynamic matrix written by ph.x is used by this command to write other files too, like eph_wql_out and if changing dynamic matrix by a different calculation would affect heavily the phonon calculations.

Ashutosh Kumar
Grad Student
The Ohio State University

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Subject: [Pw_forum] generating pseudopotential for Ti
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