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Giovanni Cantele giovanni.cantele at na.infn.it
Mon Apr 12 16:26:56 CEST 2010

> &inputPP
>    outdir='/workspace/junky/WFC_2/tmp',
>    plot_num=11
>    filplot = 'WFC_2.2.pot'
>   prefix='WFC_2'
> /
> &plot
>    iflag=3,
>    output_format=3,
>    nx=10,
>    ny=10,
>    nz =5,
> /
> My problem is that this is taking a really long time to run; much, much longer than the corresponding singlepoint SCF calculation ran using the same number of processors.  At this point, the pp.x has been running for 43 hours.  I can't believe that this is normal.  Here are the last couple of lines from the pp.x output file:

I'm not very sure about that, but it could be that if you specify the nx, ny, nz variables, the pp.x makes an interpolation using the original FFT grid. This can be very slow, as also (if I well remember) specified in Doc/INPUT_PP*. Try to specify x0, e1, e2, e3 or else nothing, and maybe the original FFT grid (or a subset of it) will be used instead, this should make your calculation much faster.



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