[Pw_forum] Trouble with parallel running ld1.x

Pavel A. Akulov apv544 at phys.tsu.ru
Wed Nov 25 03:52:43 CET 2009

Dear PWSCF users and developers!

I've faced a problem of parallel running ld1.x program.
Stand-alone version works well (i've tried examples in atomic_doc),
but parallel version gets me error:

from ld1_readin : error #                 1
reading input namelist
(even in examples).

I run it with string(for example 2 procs h.in in /atomic_doc/all-electron)
"mpirun -np 2 /path/ld1.x -in h.in > h.out"

For pw.x this works well. But for ld1.x i don't know what's wrong.

Help me please.

Akulov P.
Student, Dept. of Physics
Tomsk State University

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