[Pw_forum] about pbs (Gabriele Sclauzero)

Gabriele Sclauzero sclauzer at sissa.it
Tue Nov 24 09:12:20 CET 2009

Q.J.Wang wrote:
> Dear Gabriele
>      Thank you very much for your advice ,I have found the problem in 
> forum archives ,but no problem as mine .
>      You said that it is the problem of input file ,but when I use 
> "mpirun -np 8 pw.x<input >out 'instead of pbs to submit the job ,it runs 
> well .This puzzled me .

Sorry, I don't understand well what you are doing. When you speak of PBS I suppose that 
you run your job with mpirun as well, but using a batch scheduler which does not need 
human interaction (i.e. you submit a script to the queuing system of your cluster).
So, if your job runs with mpirun in interactive mode and not in batch mode, it could be a 
problem in your batch environment setup: you have to check environment variables, 
libraries, disk access and space, etc. etc. and maybe contact your system administrators...



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