[Pw_forum] one more question about NEB and CP

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(Because of the mistake I made due to not knowing the limitation of the size of the attachement, the previous emails are not complete. Now, the below one is complete.) 
Dear Vega Lew: 
From the reaction rate theory, you can estimate with the Arrhenius equation, with your activation energy value (0.2eV), I have made an estimation for you (please see the attachment). From my estimation, if you want to the reaction to occur within several pico-seconds, the temperature should be above about 1000 Kelvin (reaction time is proportional to the inverse of the reaction/jump frequency). (if the Zero point energy correction can not omitted, please add it in to the activation energy: E_ac=delta_E_p - E_ZPE). 
Best Wishes! 
Yours Sincerely 
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> Dear all, 
> I used to perform NEB calculations to estimate the energy barrier for 
> certain chemical reaction. 
> The calculated activation barrier is about 0.2 eV. I want the see the 
> reaction process during some pico-second of CP calculations. 
> Do you think the reaction could happen in such a short time? and what 
> temperature is suitable for jumping over the saddle point? 
> thank you for reading 
> best wishes, 
> vega 
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